Friday, 26 July 2013

Ten Years On

Photo courtesy of the Berkshire Medical Museum 

In 2003 Fairmile hospital closed it's for the last time, the place had provided  patients with a place to be treated for their illness and jobs for the local people.  The building was boarded up and left to slowly deteriorate until 2010 when Linden Homes along with Thomas Homes were given the job of restoring the building and building more housing in the old grounds.  Some of the housing was to be Low cost and affordable new homes provided by Soha houseing and on the 26th July 2013 ten years after the place shut Ed Vaizey was invited to plant a tree in honor of the occasion of half the Soha housing being built, I was along representing Cholsey Parish Council.
Mind you I  provided some photos and the video that was on show

 The lady in white Anna Badcock, Cabinet Member for Housing, and the  Chief Executive of Soha Richard Peacock

Big smile from Patrick Green
 Ed and Patrick having a meet and greet

Some of the guests at the event

 The tree which awaits planting or should I say the dirt shoveling on by Ed

Cholseys Vicar with Linda Atkins from Wallingford TC

The Linden sales team taking a few moments to watch the event

 Ed making his speech
Ed trowing some dirt in the hole
 Ed posing with his shovel proving he does do some work
 Some of the executives from SODC  posing at the planted tree with Ed
 Steve Lynch, Director of Property & Development,
Soha Housing made a great speech to start the proceedings off and said no one took his photo so here you are on my blog. After this there was a tour of parts of the building and we were shown one of flats in the main building and had a quick look at part of the hall. I'll show photos of these areas in another blog

Some of the goodies waiting to be eaten and I actually passed on the doughnuts and had a scone.

Ann Ducker and Dorothy Brown on the way back from the tour

 The Soha people taking after the event
In case you wondered if the place was finished well this is what is still going on over the fence lots of work happening